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Complete takeover of a camp of 1500 was delivered seamlessly for residents through negotiation, quick thinking and speedy infrastructure upgrades despite extreme weather conditions.

Pilbara, Western Australia



Obstacles: A heavy monsoon season washed out roads and bogged road trains carrying supplies 50kms from site on the day of mobilisation. Onsite supplies had been wound down by the incumbent caterer and poor internet service hindered efficient resident check-in. Groups of 300 checking-in took upwards of ten minutes per person.

Solution: Sirrom topped up onsite supplies for the 1500 residents by ferrying goods from the bogged trebles by 4WD, overnight. Services commenced the following day.

An in-house IT expert was flown in on the first plane to upgrade the site for Sirrom’s own web-based check-in system. New satellite dishes were installed and the system was fully operational within four days of mobilisation.


  • Camp for 1500
  • No access to roads for supplies so ferried in goods from bogged 4WD.
  • IT expert flown in and new satellite dishes installed with short turnaround

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