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On a scale like no other and one of the largest catering contracts ever awarded, Sirrom had to think innovatively in order to meet expectations.


United Nations Operations Somalia

1993 – 1995

With no infrastructure available, we had to purchase a range of transportation assets including general cargo vessels, tug boats and barges as their supply chain.

Choosing not to import bottle water, Sirrom ingeniously commissioned our own RO and UV water plant, producing close to 25,000 litres of drinking water daily.

As communication wasn’t reliable, we established TYCOMS Somalia, a standalone communications company which was able to sustain a mobile phone network catering for 27,000 mobile phones in Mogadishu.

Other ancillary services included:

  • Trade workshops (including electrical, engineering, carpentry, refrigeration and mechanical)
  • Power generation
  • Security services


  • 32,000 troops
  • 25,000 Litres of water per day
  • 96,000 Meals Per Day
  • 45 Nationalities
  • 1 Privately Owned Australian Company

Our Clients.

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